Emilie Payet Naked French and Brooding

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bill-swift - December 16, 2016

As far as any French model shoot goes, you know you're going to have a brooding leading brunette smoking some cigarettes and screaming to the heavens in existential angst. That's as French as hot dogs are too America. What comes next though is Emilie Payet and her temptress like body baring all kinds of teats and lady nest and all fun parts in betwixt in this boudoir shoot from Ludovic Taillandier. It feels very real to spending a day with a naked Emilie in her apartment. 

I like to fancy myself a global citizen insomuch as I badly want to make the sexy with beautiful women from every nation of this planet. Aliens too if that opportunity should ever arise. A man of the world has to be just that. Emilie, you shall be my third French wife. Throw things at me and threaten to chain smoke until I stop seeing your cousin behind your back. I'm ready for the entire French experience. No tears, merely aloof looks. I'm already excited. Please bring that sweet body with. Enjoy.

Photo credi: Ludovic Taillandier