These Bikini Barista’s are Amazing

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Echo Lawrence - January 7, 2020

I don’t know if I’m just behind on the times but I had no idea this existed. It is the greatest thing to ever exist in the coffee world. Baristas, but naked.

A Bikini Barista is a person who prepares and serves coffee and drinks while dressed in slutty lingerie, fishnets, and sometimes even wearing a buttplug while doing so. I know what you’re thinking, tons of people wear buttplugs to work and I get it, while thats true its not very often that you’re allowed to LOOK at the buttplug in question. Let alone have your coffee potentially stirred with said buttplug. But Bikini Baristas have changed the game.

It looks like this trend started where all coffee shops start - Seattle. The trend started out in the early 2000’s but of course Japan had been on this trend since the 80’s. No there are locations all over the country and even outside of the US. Here are some of the best Bikini Barista’s around.