Emily Labowe Shares Her Beautiful Topless Body

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aldo-vallon - November 30, 2017

 Emily Labowe is in dangerous territory right now. If she gets any hotter she is going to have to change her last name to Laboner. For all of the inconvenient boners she will have given to men I think it serves her right to have to wear that modern scarlet letter around with her. Although women really are not shamed anymore like they were a couple of hundred years ago; now they are all liberated and independent. It's terrible. 

Not terrible on the same level that it would be terrible to have cancer, or terrible to have your dick stuck in a jacuzzi jet, but terrible like when you move out of your mom's house and now have to take care of yourself by yourself. That is not to say there are not still benefits to this liberation. for example there are now an endless supply of these women in bars and on the internet. I do not think that is something the old puritans had the pleasure of taking part in. I was never great at history, but I am pretty sure the internet has only been around for about a hundred years.   

Photo Credit: Photographer Rick Rodney For Jacuzzi Magazine

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