Emily Ratajkowski Topless Jewelry Outtakes

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bill-swift - March 24, 2016

Remember those epic jewelry pimping ads Emily Ratajkowski showed up for on the mothership Egotastic.com as far back as yesterday? Well, there were outtakes. Oh, boy were there outtakes. Topless and showing off her splendid, beyond epic, funbags of magical proportions. I suddenly feel a deep desire for jewelry making. Pearl necklace comes to mind. Come on, you knew that was just waiting there.

Emily Ratajkowski continues to be the proud owner of one of the finest bodies in all of Tinsel Town. If you just happen to like skinny sextastic brunettes with killer racks. I'm guessing you do, because I'm a very good guesser. The fact that Emily still allows her faptastic funbags out to play is a true sign of a game deserving of much respect. And obvious insertion into your REM sleep fantasies. With or without accessories. Oh, those magical pillows. So damn hot! Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Jacquie Aiche