Emma Glover Pink Striptease

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michael-garcia - October 28, 2016

Voluptuous Emma Glover strips down to nothing in this ridiculously sexy spread. If I just showed you the pics of her in Spandex sports gear, you'd probably be happy. But then she unleashes her enormous funbags. These things are huge. You'd have to be careful if you motorboated her because it might give you whiplash or a concussion if they smack you hard enough. Then she turns around to remind us, in a teeny thong, that she's also got one of the finest booties I've seen in a long time. Her butt looks like it would be great to hold on to during a night of passion. She's definitely my kind of girl. 

I wonder if we can reach her for an interview. I have a lot of questions for her, like for example, if she wants to conduct the interview naked. 


Photo Credit: SkinTight