Emma Glover Skin Tight Leather Stripdown

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bill-swift - March 31, 2016

If you happen to dig wicked hot brunettes with especially plentiful funbags stripping slowly out of leather body suits down to their pantie and fun parts, you might just be into this set of visual teases from the mightily sextastic Emma Glover who has been making men groan existentially for several years now, and only getting better. There's definitely an art and science both to the amount of tingles that can be produced by a curvaceous lady reaching for her down zipper and tugging until her splendid melons burst forth like the best Spring harvest ever.

Emma in particular knows the fine art of the smile and strip, reducing onlookers to a mere tongue wagging shell of their former selves. Your wish is our command, my lady. Just please say your wish involves talcum powder and dabbing your skin all over to relieve any sweat that may have arisen from that skin tight leather. I'm more than amused, I'm belusted. This just got very good. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Only Tease