Emma Glover Topless Stripdown

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bill-swift - June 22, 2016

Emma Glover and I have a special intimate relationship. I often write her and tell her how ridiculously hot she is and she writes me back and says to remind her of my name and then asks where she should send her bodyguards to have me taught a lesson. I assume that's a good lesson. Maybe chocolates? 

Emma's hotness just exudes out of her every pore as does her sextastic, clothed or not clothed, though I think you know well my preference. Boxing gym or boudoir, you can expect Emma won't take long to whip out her especially tantalizing funbags and make you wish your computer monitor or cellphone offered up the Scratch 'N' Motorboat option. I assume that's being worked on. Emma, please, don't ignore me. I mean, that's fine too, as long as you do so while naked. I'm into compromise. Also anything else you can possibly think of. I'm a Yes man. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Emma Glover


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