Eva Biechy and Justine Nicolas Naked for Normal Magazine

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bill-swift - March 14, 2017

There is something to be said for beautiful young French models. Even more to be said when they're naked and paired up in some cuddly roommate pictorials in Normal magazine. Though a soft whimper might express more than can be stated in words.

Eva Biechy and Justine Nicolas, the latter a Russian sextastic model relocated to Paris, provide a glimpse into the reality of two alluring models sharing an apartment. A few cigarettes, lots of naked hugging and posing around on another to exhibit those stellar bodies. They're missing a hot tub but what can you do. Well, I'd buy them a hot tub. As long as Diners Club was accepted. This may be more dreamscape than reality, but I choose to believe it's how women hangout. Please, let it be. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Normal magazine