Forbidden Moments Of Pleasure With Mikaela and Elilith

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earl-jonas - August 7, 2019

Best friends since childhood - and never ones to shy away from trouble - Mikaela and Elilith knew they wouldn't be bored while hanging out at Mikaela's husband Don's resort condo in Thailand while he was away. While unpacking Mikaela glanced at the bed and shuddered to think about what her husband did at the luxurious abode on his "business" trips. She had always wondered who his mystery woman was. "Two can play at this game," she thought while watching Elilith slide her sheer negligee over her perky smooth breasts on the balcony.

Before Elilith could suggest hitting up a couple of bars that she had researched, Mikaela strode over to her with a mischevious smile on her face. The fact that they were both naked was not unusual. They had shared that part of themselves for as far back as Elilith could remember. It was Mikaela's mannerisms. Her touches. The little things. She seemed as if on a mission. Soon she planted a gentle kiss on Elilith's lips. In an instant, years of untapped lust erupted deep from within Elilith. "What's happening?" she thought.

The girls hopped into the tub where they pressed their erect nipples together and savored the smoothness of each others' legs while twisting into one. The taboo touching raged into feverish pleasure. After hours of unbridled sexual discovery, the friends finally (and reluctantly) agreed that they were spent. "Take that Don" Mikaela thought triumphantly. "That's certainly not how Don does it," Elilith mused. DUN DUN DUNNNNN...

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