Full Frontal Nude Model Katya Is The Girlfriend You Always Wanted And Will Never Have : (

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earl-jonas - August 2, 2019


Playboy Plus model Katya Clover is the kind of frustratingly perfect gal that makes you take stock of your life. She's just there with her insanely tight bod, perfect natural boobs, adorable face, youthful blonde locks, and sexy even tan, and you're just there with your water buffalo of a wife. Named... Deborah. Not to mention what you've got going on under your shirt. Just a bag of mashed potatoes decorated with skin tags. You and Deborah disgust me.

Well so ya Katya. She's the girl we'll never ever ever have in real life, but that doesn't mean we can't forget about Debbie for a second and enjoy all that Katya has to offer. The spunky international model playfull undresses while standing on some rocks in a picturesque natural setting. She says of her biggest turn-on:

My biggest turn-on is speaking about sex, making love in a spontaneous way, and watching erotic movies.

And of her quirky personality:

I am a nudist and love being in nature!

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