Gabriela Kleins Colorful Topless Shoot Just Pops

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aldo-vallon - January 6, 2018

   If I didn't know any better I would think Wes Anderson was getting into the adult film game. Actually, I guess I really don't know any better, so that might be the case. This could be the best kept secret in Hollywood. 

Imagine the new videos that could be on the verge of cuming out. A set design that someone actually put some thought into. Emotionless, monotonous sex that almost seems hyper realistic. Bill Murray making snide remarks in the background. It is about time someone started putting out quality material!

Even if this is just my own imagination running away from me, I think someone should approach Mr. Anderson with an offer. Maybe we can finally put some of those casting couch auditions to a more beneficial use and make those poor girls dreams come true. It won't be much of a step up for them in regards to the requirements of the job, but just having Wes's name on their resume should at least be enough for them to get a job as a barista. 

i'm not too skilled with the whole internet thing. How do I go about setting up one of them kickstarter thingamajigs?


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