Genevieve Morton Naked 2017 Calendar Sneak Peek

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bill-swift - December 27, 2016

They don't really have Hottie Calendar of the Year Awards. But they ought to. And they ought to wrap a gold medal around the otherwise naked sweet form of South African blonde wicked bodied Genevieve Morton for going fully awesomely nude in her rather memorably mammarial display in her 2017 Calendar.

Genevieve doesn't receive nearly the attention she should for her ridiculously hot body. Or the effects it has on every man and Sapphic leaning woman who catches sight of the passion inducing blonde in their retinal cones. Now take that same body and remove clothes and add a lake. It's quite a thing. You have space on your wall for this. Like you really need a portrait of grandma? You can't fap properly with that. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Genevieve Morton