Haley Bennett Big, Sexy Areola In Outdoor Lingerie Shoot

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aldo-vallon - January 17, 2019

I think part of my resentment for photography is that I do not understand the reasons people have for taking so many photos. Got engaged? Take a photo. Got married? Take a photo. Got pregnant? Take a photo. The order of those three do not have to stay like that, so feel free to mix it up.

The thing is, from my perspective none of those things are worthy of sending a photograph to your family. They are barely worthy of a text message. Everyone would be better off just casually slipping it into conversation the next time you see the people. Eventually the news will spread because for some reason people can’t stop talking about other people’s lives.

But just because I don’t understand it does not mean that I hold anything against Haley Bennett. If she found someone willing to pay for her preggo pics then more power to her. I have yet to have an offer for any belly pics of my own. I guess food babies are not held in as high of regard. I probably good have dolled them up a bit, though. I do look stunning in white.




Photo Credit: Mr. Skin / Instagram