Harry Amelia Takes A Topless Bath On Big Brother UK

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bill-swift - July 1, 2015

I don't know what else happens on Big Brother U.K. beside Harry Amelia getting topless and taking bathes or suntanning. I'm sure other things happen. I suppose there's an audience for these other things like plotting, conspiring, whining, complaining, backstabbing, and picking noses. I can't imagine what kind of audience that is. As for the guys watching to see Harry Amelia take her clothes off, at least I can call them friends.

I have to assume producers of this show are thanking their lucky stars they got a find like Harry Amelia to spice up with her ta-ta's an otherwise tired and stale bit of reality television fare. Everybody with a libido knows that the very best part of spying on other people is when the buxom women folk take off their tops. The second best part doesn't really matter. I'd ask for a big fat raise if I were you, Ms. Amelia. You are the show. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: "Big Brother UK" Channel 5

Harry Amelia takes her washing on the show quite seriously. As do we.