If You Blinked You Missed Nicole Kidman’s Nipple In Big Little Lies

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earl-jonas - July 8, 2019


If you're watching season two of Big Little Lies on HBO you know that A) Meryl Streep sucks, as I always secretly suspected and B) Nicole Kidman's looks just will not quit. The woman is well into her eighties and she still appears as sexy and youthful as ever. Meryl: Bad. Nicole: Good.

While I was a fan of the series' first season, this time around there's a pathologically self-obsessed overrated scene-stealer on the loose (cough: Meryl), and frankly watching season two is excruciating and I refuse. But wait. Maybe there's hope after all. In the fourth episode, titled "She Knows," Nicole shows of her creamy tit during a pensive shower. I don't know if her amazing boob will be enough to turn this show around, but it's enough for now. It's enough for now. Oh and Meryl Streep ruins lives. Bye.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin via HBO