Ilvy Kokomo, Is It Painful Getting This Much Sand In Your… Landing Strip?

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earl-jonas - July 4, 2019


Ilvy Kokomo is one tall glass of water sure to quench even the thirstiest of you readers. For her amazingly sexy full frontal spread for Playboy Plus, Kokomo strips out of her skimpy yellow bikini to roll around in the warm sand. But what happens when you're naked and you roll around in sand? It gets in ya crack. That's right. Ilvy Kokomo has sand in her crack. While this seems painful, her pain is definitely our gain, because there's truly nothing sexier than seeing Kokomo's fully exposed natural breasts, tight bod, plump ass, and exquisite landing strip. We'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow. That's where we want to go. Way down in Kokomo. After she de-sands.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus