Ireland Baldwin Nip Flash For Art

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bill-swift - January 5, 2016

Ireland Baldwin let her nipple roam free in this arty photo shoot for Flaunt Magazine. The pictures make her look like a lot of the goth chicks I dated back in the 90's, but you know, 10 times hotter. Her nip is what really sells these pics. Sure, there is also some nice cleav shots and those are great an all but I'm all about the nip. I don't know what hypnotic power it is that nipples have over the male mind but our brains just freeze when we see one sticking out of a shirt. I for one can't resist them. And why should I? Nature made men have a love of nips and beer and bbq ribs and there is nothing wrong with that.

Ireland is a total babe, as I would have said back in the 90's when I dated all those goth chicks. I encourage her to do more revealing nipple work. 

Photo Credit: Flaunt Magazine