Italian TV Diva Melissa Castagnoli Shows Off Her Killer Curves In Tiny Thong

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bill-swift - March 4, 2015

Italian TV starlet and all around extremely good looking visitor from The Boot, Melissa Castagnoli, decided that a tiny black thong bikini was the appropriate wardrobe for her introduction to Miami Beach. It's like she's reading my mind, or my fashion blog, I can't imagine a bikini fitting a young smoking sextastic woman any better, well, maybe if it fell off. That's always truly the best fit.

With Spring nearly springing in Miami, you can expect the international invasion of fine female forms to once again pick up along the Atlantic shoreline. As the competition grows, expect the bikinis to shrink, though I'm not sure how many inches of material you could cut from Melissa's thong before she was arrested. A victimless crime if there ever was one. Melissa, welcome, please, don't ever ever leave. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash