It’s Thirst Trap Thursday!

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Echo Lawrence - June 18, 2020

Thursdays are for Thirst Trapping. Thirst Trapping is when girls on instagram produce some scandalous half naked content for the sheer purpose of getting likes and follows, it is the modern day currency, without feeling as though they are being desperate in their attempt to get likes and follows, which they can't be desperate from where I'm sitting, sure it's low hanging fruit, but who says low hanging fruit is bad, if anything this kind of fruit is the best kind of fruit and everyday of the week should be THIRSTY, which I guess it is, because most girls don't limit their thirst trapping for Thursdays, there's 6 other days of the week to amplify your feed the right way, but any excuse to get half naked is a good one.

So here's to Thirsty girls on Thursdays! The day that validates their hot habits.


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