Jasmina Topless in the Kitchen

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rusty-mattis - August 14, 2017

I'm all for a sexy good time in any room in the house, but if you've ever had bacon grease fly out of the pan and hit any part of your naked body, you'll know that kitchen ain't the best place to be nude. Jasmina, you hot and all with your boobs out, but maybe take out of the kitchen.

I'm not saying I can't take the heat, I can take all the heat you want to throw at me, but I don't want anything bad to happen to such a beautiful pair of breasts. Jasmina has a rocking hot body, no matter the location of the house. I would even venture to say Jasmina topless would also be sexy outside of the house. Maybe she would ever be sexier outside say... topless on a dirt bike. I'm just spit balling here, tossing outside, seeing what sticks, but I really do think Jasmina has breasts that were made for being topless on a dirt bike. Nothing bad ever happens on a dirt bike.

I'm not gonna tell Jasmina were she can and can't be topless. Her boobs are damn near perfect and she is free to display them bad boys anywhere she wants, just watch for bacon grease Jasmina.

Photo Credit: Giorgio Kavadias

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