Jessica Stewart Topless Gamine

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brian-mcgee - July 6, 2017

The word gamine just isn't used enough anymore. Ever since I first saw it used in Chaplin's Modern Times to describe the gorgeous Paulette Goddard, I've longed to use it in either my personal or professional life. Thankfully these pictures of the absolutely stunning Jessica Stewart topless came across my desk this morning and I just knew this was my chance!

Seeing Jessica Stewart nude and posed in front of a gold paisley wall, I'm instantly transported to my childhood and the wallpaper in my mom's house. What I wouldn't have given to see Jessica Stewart naked in front of that gold paisley wallpaper when I was a teen. Thankfully the classics never die and seeing Jessica in all her topless glory, showing off her amazing breasts like this is better than a time machine.

There are other words that one could use to describe Jessica Stewart in these amazing topless pics, but I'm sticking with gamine, only because this might be my only chance to use it. If there's another word you'd use, kindly keep it to yourself because I don't want my dream to die. Take some time today to live your dreams, kids. Enjoy!

Images via Rekt Magazine