Jessica Wall is All Eyebrows and Topless Beauty

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brian-mcgee - September 6, 2017

Not since Brooke Shields have I been this captivated by a woman's eyebrows. That pair of mini-moustaches above the eyes of the gorgeous Jessica Wall have made me forget how sexy a pair of eyebrows can be. 

The question I think we're all left to ponder is whether we would have noticed Jessica had she been sporting a much less noticeable pair of brows? I think the answer to that is yes, especially once you see her naked, but I'm mighty glad she didn't give in to societal pressures to trim. I think our society has made women feel that hair anywhere other than your head must be trimmed or eliminated altogether. 

I'm a simple man, who loves hair when it's sexy. So let your bushes grow ladies, let your eyebrows sparkle, let your legs and your armpits... well, let's not get too progressive here. But your hair down there and your eyebrows can just be themselves, au naturel as it were. I think most men could get behind that, and those that don't are just missing out on what the rest of us already know. Rock on with your bad self, Jessica.

Photo Credit: Graham Dunn