Joanna Halpin Topless And Sandy

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michael-garcia - August 4, 2016

Slender hottie Joanna Halpin took off her top at the beach in this revealing photoshoot. She got all kinds of sandy too, which is a very nice touch. I love a woman with sand clinging to her sunkissed skin at the beach. Joanna has a nice pair of upturned perkies that look like they would be fun to have a go on. But, of course, you don't do that without permission. That's how you end up in jail. But if one were given permission, oh what a joyous time that would be. Joanna's bikini bottom is also quite revealing. It is so small that you can see on either side of her naughty lady parts. Her body is seriously putting a hurt on me.

Joanna should spend all of her time topless. She doesn't need a shirt. Shirts are for the weak. She should just do nice topless shoots like these her entire career. 


Photo Credit: Brydie Mack