Jodie Gasson Kitty Cat Striptease

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bill-swift - July 14, 2016

Hot girls in kitty cat ears are my thing. I mean, one of my 17,985 scientifically identified and categorized things. Now you start throwing around the fantastical notion that this very same curvaceous purring hottie is now also taking off her clothes and revealing her most especially special funbags and I'm ready to start meowing. Wow, who came up with this idea and how do I tip them appropriately?

Jodie Gasson is my ride or die girl. Though dying seems like a waste, so let's stick to ride. Just one bodaciously buxom sextastic wonder who knows how to make millions of men stand on their tippy toes in unison. Talk about your superpowers, Jodie's got at least two super ones I can spot. Those cat ears are the icing on the cake. I slice from the side. Just saying, Jodie. This dog is ready to hunt. I'll give you a five minute head start, but you need to agree to stop for ten minutes so I can catch up. I'm not the fastest hound in the bunch. Blessedly hot. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Jodie Gasson