Julianne Moore Shows Her Awesome Perky Boobs In Gloria Bell, And Is How Old Exactly?

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earl-jonas - May 24, 2019


I've said before that the term "ageless" is a crock of crapola as it's often applied to celebrities who are in fact full of age. They're agefull. But Julianne Moore is poking holes in my cynicism with her performance in the acclaimed romantic flick Gloria Bell. The woman is fifty-eight-years-old, and her boobs look like they're constantly pointing us to the North Star. They're perky af.


Gloria Bell is now available to rent or own on Amazon Prime, and is about a free-spirited older woman who still spends careless nights shaking her groove thing on the dance floor. But then a man walks into her life. Could he be.... the one? I obviously haven't seen the movie, but I have seen these truly spectacular peeks at Julianne Moore's unbelievable rack. Fifty-eight. Fifty-freaking-eight.


Photo Credit: A24 via Mr. Skin