María Galvin’s Fun Bikini Shoot!

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Tex Hollywood - October 29, 2020

Maria Galvin is either a Spanish or Portuguese model at least based on my research of checking her out on INSTAGRAM as I do.

You know an act that was otherwise considered perverted in the dawn of social media, just scrolling through the feeds of babes, but that for whatever reason is not just normalized but rather the objective of the social media game. Get as many people as possible subscribing to your feed, whether they are perverts or not, it's a numbers game and all we're all trying to do out here is live that dream.

Clearly, Maria is living that dream better than us, since she's in a bikini looking amazing, and we're here staring at her in a bikini looking amazing, which conveniently works for us, I mean why leave the house when we've got all we need right here!



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