Karlina Caune Topless Tease For Elle France

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bill-swift - January 27, 2016

Latvian super hotie Karlina Caune has been the face of this brand and the body of that brand. She won the Ford World Supermodel contest when she was just starting out. She covers this magazine and that. And all of those professional accomplishments are wonderful, but today I'd like to take a step back, then like ten steps forward for a really good ogle at her stellar fine bare funbags featured in Elle France.

Thank heavens for liberated European fashion magazines that present wicked hot young woman model, some clothes, and also some revealing shots of perfect melons, like the twin set exhibit by Karlina Caune. Oh, my, all round and fun-sized and pink and pokey right in the middle. I know she gets work for her face and body and modeling skills whatever those are, but the day there's a fifty billion dollar industry just around ta-ta's, she'll work in that as well. Wait, there is such a business already. Karlina, let me be  your father figure and show me the way. Not a real father, obviously, though calling me daddy while I spank your bottom just to make sure you know house rules couldn't hurt. What a looker. I'm in lust all over again. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Elle France

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