Kate Bogucharskaia Topless Tall and Lust Inducing for Billy Kidd Photoshoot

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bill-swift - December 11, 2013

I love reading biographies about Russian hottie models. They all seem to come from small towns in the middle of nowhere with barely any electricity. It really mimics the U.S. experience with the knockout high school girls from our nation's heartland being put on the bus to the big city for fame and fortune. The Marilyn Monroe story, you know, if Marilyn hadn't been born 5 minutes from Hollywood. She still had to walk a few blocks to get screen tested.

Kate Bogucharskaia is another in the line of supremely hot young Russian models. This 19-year old runway sensation is now residing in New York, where she did a topless photoshoot for Billy Kidd, showing off her lean model topless goodness. She really is quite the young goddess. I don't mean like Charlie Sheen yucky goddess, I mean like diaphanous gown covered virgin. Well, maybe not that last part so much. Enjoy.