Kathleen Sorbara Topless Palate Cleanser

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brian-mcgee - June 14, 2017

Let's be honest with one another about something very pressing. Sorbet needs an image overhaul. Sure it's got a great reputation for being a palate cleanser, but there's something about it that just can't compete with other frozen treats. I have an idea, though. Let's rename it Sorbara, after Kathleen Sorbara, and put topless pictures of her on every pint. Seems like a can't miss proposition. 

I honestly don't care how much you like ice cream, if you're cruising through the supermarket and you see a pint of Sorbara featuring Kathleen Sorbara topless on the container, you'd buy the shit out of it. So would I. We all would, that's what makes it such an ingenious idea. We need to get big sorbet on the phone stat and get them this business plan. Frankly any business plan whose final stage is "Profit" is enough to get them excited, and hell if this won't be the most profitable proposition in the history of sorbet.

There's nothing better on a hot day than an icy cold bowl of your favorite frozen treat, though I recommend eating it while looking at these pictures of Kathleen Sorbara topless. That makes everything sweeter! Enjoy!

Images via Dylan Forsberg