Katlen Oliveira Topless Bella De Semana

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michael-garcia - October 11, 2016

Beautiful Brazilian bombshell Katlen Oliveira gets topless in Bella De Semana. I don't know what it is they put in the water in Brazil to produce such incredibly sexy women, but we need to start adding it here in the states. Katlen has got a ridiculous body. It's slender where it needs to be and curvy everywhere else. Her chichis are the stuff that dreams are made of. They are gargantuan, like more than two handfuls big. More than three handfuls I think. What I'm saying is that I think you need assistance to properly handle these bad boys. Preferably from another female. But her ta-tas aren't the only eye-popping thing in these pics. You've also got her booty to enjoy and what a booty it is. It's the kind of butt that brings a tear of joy to your eye. 

I know a couple of resources where I can...ahem...see more of Katlen. Some special films she's made, if you catch my meaning. I think you do. 


Photo Credit: Bella De Semana