Kayslee Collins Topless Hotness For Fetishism Studies in Black and White

Gallery Icon - December 30, 2014

One of my favorite photogs Jonathan Leder returns with volume dos of his Fetishism series featuring the lovely, delightful, and quite practically nekkid hot Kayslee Collinsand her stellar female form in black and white. Oh, how black and white does make the stunning girls that much more stunning. The perfect booties that much more bootyful. It's a method often abused, but when done right, so memorable perfect.

Singer and model Kayslee Collins is another perfectly sextastic creation for the likes of Leder's lens and particular interest in both the sacred and profane. Not to mention the funbgs and the asstastic. Just so delicious. Kudos all around, with a hint light golf applause and a few happy tears. Job well done. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Leder