Kelly Hall Bikini Tug Topless Round Up!

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bill-swift - February 18, 2016

From the slender to the buxom, my world of sextastic accepts and adores all gorgeous women with the exhibitionist tops and the smiles that make you feel just a little less deviant whilst perusing. Kelly Hall has been a busty benevolent boobtastic baring brunette for some time now, sharing her heavenly round wares for all the oglers to virtually delight upon.

In a series of her latest work for Page 3 magazine, Kelly shows why you don't need excessive production values or staging or props or even clothes to make a more than swell leading to swollen type hot topless photoshoot. Just one fine female form and one camera and the launch word 'let's make some magic'. Magic indeed Ms. Hall. Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. Yes, I know that's not a rabbit, that's not my hat either. Still, he's furry. Go on and pet. Oh, man, I've sunk to a new low. One of my goals for 2016. Bless you and your funbags, Kelly Hall. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3