Kelly Rohrbach Topless On The Beach

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aldo-vallon - January 16, 2018

 Isn't it odd that inflation seems to hit everything eventually, and yet the cup size of a woman has plateaued for many years now. Sure, there was a spike in the '80s with the improvements to boob jobs, but it has largely stagnated since then. I only bring this up because Kelly Rohrbach has taken up the most recent characterization of C.J. Parker in the Baywatch reboot, a role previously played by the one and only Pamela Anderson. 

Not to take anything away from Kelly and all the beauty she brings to the role, but I do see a drastic difference in her portrayal of the role as opposed to how it was previously. Maybe this is its own form of inflation. Instead of the role leading to larger and larger boobs that could serve as their own buoyancy devices, this is simply the largest cup size that one can get for the same price that they were spending on the role in the '90s. I am a little grateful that they went for this tasteful size in the reboot, this way I can focus on Zac Efron's world-class acting without distraction.




Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Twitter / Instagram