Kendal Schuler Gets Topless On The Beach

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michael-garcia - November 1, 2016

Blond hottie Kendal Schuler got topless and then some on the beach. Really she gets totally naked, which I think you'll agree is even better than just being topless, I'm sure you'll agree. But let's start with the top. Kendal has a righteous rack and an adorable tattoo running under her ta-ta. I'm not one for tattoos, especially on the jubblies, but this works for me. They are a good size, not too big or too small, but just right. They are capped with a pair of pretty pink nips that fill me with delight in my swimsuit area. But what I think may even top, is what's happening on the bottom half. Her booty, all sandy from the beach, is outstanding. Easily the best butt I've seen today and I've been looking at booties all day. It's the perfect round slender bottom. I just want to smack it.

But I don't, of course. That's how fools get arrested. Plus I've never met her...but if I did I'd ask permission to smack it. You never know, she might say yes. 


Photo Credit: Trevor King