Kendall Jenner Proudly Bares Her Nips For NY Fashion Week

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aldo-vallon - September 12, 2018

For all of these years NY Fashion Week meant nothing to me, and now all of a sudden it means everything.

Even if this is a statement about nipple equality amongst the sexes, I still think it is an odd choice to have them visible. This is a classy affair. A guy would not be able to get away with wearing no shirt under his suit jacket. Okay, maybe one guy could, but that is only because he played Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Making him wear a shirt would practically violate his civil rights.

It is unfortunate for Kendall that this event did not take place outside during the day. Given the design of the dress she could have come out of it with a tan that made her look like a tiger. People pay good money to have an image tanned into their body. Usually it is as simple as the Playboy bunny, but I think tiger stripes could catch on. It would be like a temporary form of camouflage. If you ever found yourself in the jungle fighting guerillas I think it could really come in handy.


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Photo Credit: Splash News