Khloe Terae Is Your Butt Nekkid Ski Bunny

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michael-garcia - March 2, 2016

I've never been much for skiing, but I'd probably give it a shot if I got to snuggle with snow bunny Khloe Terae back at the lodge. Khloe is a seriously sexy individual. She's got a pair of funbags that are so mindblowingly enormous that it's almost hard to look at, like when you stare into the sun. She starts off in ski gear and sweaters and then slowly takes it all off until she's left with little more than her hat. It's not just her spectacular boobs that make these pics worth looking at. Her booty is beyond perfect. Seriously, a butt like that could change the world. It is the kind of butt that makes you believe again. 

I'm glad that Playboy isn't completely out of the nekkid lady business, even if they aren't in the magazine anymore. It's better than nothing, I guess. 

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus