Kim Baltes Nude in the Bedroom

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aldo-vallon - October 2, 2017

 It is nice to see that the good word is spreading in regards to having a mattress directly on the ground. It truly is a higher level of living, which is ironic since it actually requires one to be at a physically lower level. I wonder if the same principle applies to anything else? As a whole we all seem to think life is better at a higher altitude. High rise apartments cost oodles of cash. Future cities are always imagined as floating high up in the clouds. But what if we are wrong? What if the true utopian civilization will be underground? I would bet those rumors of mole people are true and they have just been working to keep it hidden. I cannot blame them, if I was to live in a paradise I would not want a bunch of people flocking to it. I have seen what happens to all the great beaches once they get too popular. They all go to hell. Maybe Jules Verne was trying to tell us how to get to this paradise in his book Journey to the Center of the Earth. The mole people probably had him whacked for divulging to much. I would not put it passed them.  


Photo Credit: Alexis White