Kim Kardashian Mean Mugging See-Through Shirt

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brian-mcgee - September 25, 2017

Kim Kardashian always looks as though she didn't know people would be photographing her every move. It's kind of astonishing. She courts the press' attention and then acts like she's annoyed by their presence. I'm not saying that it's probably not a real pain in the ass having photographers documenting your every move, but when you rely on them to remain in the zeitgeist, it's a necessary evil, I suppose.

The look she's sporting in the above picture is the one your mom would give you when she comes into the living room for a third time to remind you to turn off the Nintendo and clean your god damned room. It's a face every one is familiar with and it's not one we want directed at us.

And look at that, I was so terrified by her pissed off mom look that I somehow overlooked the fact that her top is totally see-through and she's not wearing a bra. That's exciting, right? Why wouldn't it be!

Photo Credit: Backgrid