Kimberley Garner In Red Hot Yoga Pants Shows Off All The Goods

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rusty-mattis - August 13, 2018

I admire anyone who can do yoga. There are times when I'd rather leave something on the floor than bend over and pick it up. So, if you can wrap your legs around your head or put your knees on your elbows, I have to applaud you. And if you can pull off yoga pants like Kimberley Garner, then god bless you.

Normally yoga pants are something you see in line at a chain coffee shop, typically worn by people who probably don't do yoga that much, if at all. When you see them on Kimberley Garner you get what they are going for, you see what yoga pants are supposed to look like. They are for people who actually do yoga, who have incredible bodies that can pull off the skin tight look. I'm not trying to shame anybody, but I wouldn't wear a thong speedo to a dirt bike race because it wouldn't be a pretty picture.

I'm never going to go to a place filled with incense and chanting, that's just not my scene. Thank goodness Kimberley Garner wears yoga pants when she's out and about, whether she's headed to yoga or not. Let's face it, Kimberley Garner wearing yoga pants is an achievement we should all strive for, but few will reach. And that's okay because we can comfort ourselves with sexy pics of Kimberley Garner in yoga pants.

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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA / Splash News