Kitrisha Breasts and Fishnets in Ford Mustang 68

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aldo-vallon - January 2, 2018

 Would you look at the body on that one? I am not a big fan of the Mustang in general, but those boys over at Ford were doing something right in '68. I'm getting a no-homo-boner just thinking of the King of Cool racing it around the streets of San Francisco in Bullitt

At least Kitrisha has the decency to take off those possibly dirty clothes when she is inside the car. It looks to be in cherry condition and we don't need it looking like a soccer mom's minivan when she leaves. I just hope Kitrisha is showing that car the respect it deserves by keeping her shoes off the upholstery. I have always been willing to cut topless women a lot of slack, but a disrespect for leather is too far.

I think the main reason so many car seats today are made with fabric is not due to costs, but instead to lower the blood pressure of car owners. My mom never lost her cool as a result of someone trying to eat in her vehicle. My dad, however, would not allow us to even mention food names in his car. Take a guess as to which one had the leather seats.


Kitrisha Photographed By Gioacchino Dell Erba

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