Lacey Banghard Sweet Topless and Sugary Bottom in Black and White Hotness

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bill-swift - January 12, 2016

There's that old song lyric, when you're in love with a beautiful woman, you watch your friends. I wouldn't do that if you're in lust with Lacey Banghard, because your likely to see more about your friends than you'd really like to. Lacey just has that effect on, oh, a hundred million guys or so who happen to find her beyond passion inducing.

Featured in her hot body reveal in black and white, Lacey visually displays the full wonderment of one stacked glamour model with a killer rack and one fine naked tushy rolling around bare in the sheets. It's a power all unto itself. You might call it nuclear for the effect it will have on your mushroom cloud. That's horrible. But somewhat accurate. Lacey, you are the bomb. I feel an explosion coming on. Damn, I did it again. I'm so helpless here. Somebody throw me a lifeline, or a covering blanket and crank up the Zeppelin. Daddy's got some business. So damn hot! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Hayley's Secrets

This used to be my favorite Lacey Banghard pictorial ever. Because, well, look!