Lara Bingle Nude Behind the Scenes of Her Photo Shoot

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aldo-vallon - December 5, 2017

 If these are the behind the scene shots of Lara Bingle, I have to wonder why there is even a need for an official photo shoot? It is not as if one can approve upon perfection. Muddling up her body with clothes and jewelry is only going to distract or hide her best assets. There is not a name brand of clothing in the world that is better to look at than what is before me here.

I am not much of a foot guy, so I don't mind the shoes on her feet, but there are some foot fetishists out there that just threw their computers out the window. I am a little bit relieved that I do not have a fetish that severe. I would imagine it is something that can really get in the way of day to day life. Either there will be an otherwise perfect beautiful woman that is ruined for the fetishist due to a clubfoot, or there are the most perfect pair of feet he has ever seen that are attached to a woman that looks like that broad from The Goonies. That would be quite the conundrum, I would imagine.     

Photo Credit: Twitter / Instagram