Laurel Witt Topless Curves For Yume Magazine

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michael-garcia - October 4, 2016

Hottie Laurel Witt wore nothing but a pair of old glasses in this sexy spread for Yume Magazine. The glasses remind me of the ones my uncle wore in the 80's. Laurel, however does not remind me of my uncle or any other relative. Laurel has got a fantastic curvy body. She's my kind of woman. I like a girl that's slender but curvy in the right places and Laurel is definitely that. She's got a tremendous rack. It's just proportional to her body so she doesn't look top heavy but big enough that a man could really motorboat them. Then there is her booty which makes me want to write a sonnet to them. I won't do it here because we're supposed to keep it clean on the site and I don't think I can when expressing my love of Laurel's butt in verse. 

This spread keeps it simple. What more do you need than a hottie rolling around naked on a bed? That's all one really needs at the end of the day. Why get fancy? 


Photo Credit: Yume Magazine