Lauren Bonner Nude, Take Away an “N”

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brian-mcgee - July 11, 2017

Seeing Lauren Bonner nude brings only one thought to mind... Her last name has one too many Ns. Seriously, her last name would perfectly encapsulate the feelings she stirs up if you just dropped one of those pesky Ns. 

I suppose it wouldn't be terribly amusing to walk around with the last name Boner, though. That's gotta be why the former Speaker of the House told people his last name was pronounced "Bayner" when we all knew the truth. If we were going for truth in last names, he could've been John Boehner-Killer and Lauren could be Lauren Boner, because lord knows she induces them quicker than that little blue pill.

I think if you're having male problems, I would recommend skipping the pharmaceuticals and just loading this gallery with pictures of Lauren Bonner naked. They're sure to cure whatever it is that ails you, and the way she's positioned herself in this hotel room seems to have been calculated to provide maximum boner-age. That's a word right? I don't know, I hedged my bets and added a hyphen just in case. Any way you slice it, whether she keeps that extra N in her last name or not, we all know what her naked body can do. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Stefan Rappo