Leola Bell Breaks You Off A Piece

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aldo-vallon - March 4, 2018

It is a good thing that Leola Bell is wearing leg warmers. She is wearing so little else that she could be risking hypothermia without them.

I always found leg warmers to be an odd piece of fashion. Here it makes sense. I want to see Leola’s good parts, she wants to stay warm, so leg warmers are an acceptable compromise. What does not make sense is a woman at an exercise class wearing shorts and leg warmers. If your legs are cold then wear pants, that shouldn’t be a foreign concept. And I do not want to hear about pants restricting mobility. There are pants out there that are so elastic we could use them to slingshot a watermelon the length of a football field. They are not impeding anyone’s mobility.

If Leola was really cold and the leg warmers were not enough then she could even upgrade to a pair of chaps. Again, all the goodies would be visible, but her legs would be as warm as a campfire. Why more people do not make use of chaps outside of the gay and cowboy communities I will never know.


Photo Credit: Playboy Plus