Lia Willow Is A Tattooed Beauty

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aldo-vallon - November 11, 2017


Lia Willow's underwear is riding up so high that it is the living definition of butt floss. What mad genius came up with the idea to make such high-riding panties? How could they have known they would be so sexy and not turn out to be some mutated abomination of granny panties? These are the kind of visionaries that we need more of. The kind of people who will ignore the naysayers and blaze new trails in the world of women's undergarments. They probably do not really need any more options in that department, Victoria's Secret probably has them well supplied, but what harm could it do?

It is not like they are in the state of men's underwear. We have only had three choices for all of our existence. There are briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs. And even the latter of those choices is a relatively new option. There is always the choice to go commando, but that cannot really count as underwear, can it? The very name implies that something has to be worn at the very least. And the pants do not count because they are not under anything.  

Photo Credit: Instagram