Liliana Redon Oiled Up And Topless

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bill-swift - September 1, 2015

Liliana Redon just signed up with about every major fashion agency in the wide world of modeling. What better way to announce yourself to the world than an oiled down bit of goodness in periodical form. The pictorial is titled Untamed Opulence, but only because Shiny Greasy Faptastic Funbags is already Trademarked. It's mine.

Liliana reminds us that exotic looking young ladies without their tops on have been a staple of the sextastic world since the dawn of time. Or at least since some pants were invented for women. Sadly. Also a reminder that the line of lust inducing women is endless, with new favorite outstanding lovelies coming up daily. Just when you thought your plate is full, along comes Liliana and her wicked hot body to serve notice that you're going to need a bigger plate. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Untamed Opulence for Factice Magazine