Lily Rose Depp Posts Topless Instagram

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aldo-vallon - January 10, 2018

 So this is what Johnny Depp's daughter looks like, eh? I always pictured his kids as having wispy mustaches regardless of their gender. It seemed like it would be a requirement for anyone bearing the Depp name. Maybe this is her form of rebellion, although she is going to have to go pretty hard in order to rebel against a man who was friends with Hunter S. Thompson. 

In order to upset her father she is going to have to go in the opposite direction of most teens. She will have to become super conservative and start listening to Josh Groban. It must really be difficult to piss of your parents when they are so liberal. So many sacrifices need to be made.

It was easy for me growing up. My mother was so traditional that all I had to do to get her attention was to empty my Go-Gurt into a bowl and eat it with a spoon. She saw me do that once and had an appointment with a child psychologist made byt the end of the day. I suppose we all had our own struggles.   



Photo Credit: Instagram / Getty Images