Logan Browning And Allison Williams Have Lesbian Sex In Movie That’s Making People Throw Up

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earl-jonas - May 29, 2019


To clarify, people tuning into the Netflix original movie The Perfection aren't throwing up because of the hot lesbian sex scene featuring stars Logan Browning and Allison Williams. But they are throwing up. The movie is about an established musical prodigy, played by Williams, who goes on a trip across China with an up-and-comer in the biz, played by Browning. It's a horror movie with some big twists, so we won't spoil anything besides the fact that in one scene, Browning's character projectile vomits maggots on a bus. The disgusting scene is kind of going viral, with people chiming in on Twitter to let everyone know that the scene of Browning throwing up is making them throw up.

You erect yet? As promised, we have the double ass out sex scene with Logan Browning and Allison Williams right here. The only place you'll be vomiting is out of your penis.

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Photo Credit: Netflix