Lorena Bueri Tanlines And Face Paint And No Clothes Equals Sexy Brazil

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bill-swift - March 20, 2015

We haven't seen hide or hair or hairless hide of Brazilian exotic model Lorena Bueri in some time now. It's been a sad time really, but I'm a crying on the inside kind of clown, so you wouldn't know it from my stoic visage. But now Lorena and her sultry hotness are back and completely unclad for Sexy Magazine in Brazil. It just doesn't get any more on point than that periodical name right there.

As it the birthright of all crazy alluring Brazilian ladies, Lorena is shot nekkid out in the rain forest type setting, showing off the looks of a woman who drove a whole continent to move to another whole continent because they found their women so damn tantalizing. At least, that's my understanding of history, the parts I stayed awake for in school. I surely would travel the globe for a woman such as Lorena. Hopefully she wouldn't be too many paces ahead of me. I've already memorized her entire nekkid female form. She shan't get far. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sexy Brazil Magazine